Saturday 2 November 2013

Blog-con at the Foundry: Clan Slea's fealty

(Fimir illustration by Paul Bonner from White Dwarf 102)

Derach the Demented Dirach crouched in his makeshift home. He could see nothing. Past battles had made sure of that. Cruel revenge at the hands of those who captured him and tortured him as punishment for the deeds of his clan had left him without his eye, his horns sawed off, his head and body hideously scarred. Freed after the village where he was held captive was razed, he was left an outcast, a source of disgust and horror.

Shunned, now he lived in a crude shelter cut into the bank of a plundered burial mound. His only task to wait. Not to return to the clan until he had news. News that Mum-Ho-Thep was in this land once more.

He could see nothing. But he could feel the damp around him, he could smell the rot. And he could hear. Hear the wind in the reeds, hear the splashing movements of the fish and fowl in the swamps around. And through the wind, across the swamp, he heard it. A humming. The sound of an ancient and alien energy, moving steadily closer, growing louder until it was unmistakable.

A manic grin broke across the face of Derech the Demented Dirach. "Hhhe hassss returned! Hhe hassss RETURNED!"

He clambered out of the mound, staggering through the marsh like a drunkard, staggering towards the homes of his clan, hissing all the time with greater and greater anxiousness. "Hhhhe hassssss RETURNED!"

The fimm of Clan Slea gathered at the edge of the settlement to see the Dirach stumble towards them. Some turned away in digust, some mocked and laughed. Until at last Derach the Demented Dirach reached the Warlord's chamber.

"It isss true?"

"Yessssss. Hhhe hassssssss returned. Our tithe is due. It isss TIME."

"Ssso. After all these years, it sssseems we must once again give tribute and prove our fealty. To show Mum-Ho-Thep that we are willing to repay our ancient debt. To fulfil the terms of our oath. Oh yesssssssss, we will pay our tithe, pay it indeed. We will pay it IN BLOOD."

The Fimm raised their weapons and roared. Somewhere in the distance, Mum-Ho-Thep's ziggurat floated along its ancient course towards the horizon and blinked out of view.

So next weekend I'm heading back to the foundry at Nottingham to take part in Blog-Con. (Yes, I do have a blog. You're looking at it. So I figure I'm eligible to go!) I loved the oldhammer weekend so much, it's nice to have an opportunity to reacquaint myself with the Foundry so soon. Warlord Paul is running a 3rd edition warhammer scenario, Mum-Ho-Thep and the Floating Ziggurat of Doom - see more details about the background and scenario on his blog, it's very cool sounding indeed - and I'll be bringing along the start of my new oldhammer force, which is in its very early stages: a clan of the fimir.

The central unit in my force will be these fellas (photographed a little while ago before I started painting - I'm working on them now and will be painting right up until the day of Blog-Con, as per usual):
Mostly heroquest fimir with some modifications - I bought a bunch of these on ebay that had already been converted a fair bit, and I've now rebased them and done more conversions of my own. There's also the ARBBL Chaotic Warrior from Impact Miniatures, and a Privateer Press Hordes mini that I managed to pick up cheap - chopped off his snout, put a beaky face on him, and generally tried to make him more fimir like.

Aside from this lot, there'll also be a suitable Warlord figure, and the contingent will also have some more unusual elements in the form of various swamp demons - I will introduce some of these to readers of this blog in the days and weeks ahead, and chat a bit about my vision for the fimir clan more generally.

But starting to feel excited about next weekend, so thought I'd post this just to give a little introduction to Clan Slea, and to feed into Warlord Paul's excellent narrative for the scenario!


  1. Good work dude, I look forward to seeing a battle report containing these guys. Wish I was going, dead jealous......................

  2. Great narrative! It's going to be a really fun game with all this effort from different people going into it, I can tell.

  3. Hooray! More Fimir! :) I especially like the big, cloaked guy in the front rank!

    1. Hiya Fimm... this is the first regiment for the clan, now we're waiting on the reinforcements from you later this month so I can start another regiment! (This is Lenihan from the boards)

      That cloaked guy is Derach the Demented Dirach, he's the converted Privateer Press mini and following some initial despair that I'd basically just bought and wrecked a mini, now he seems to be working out ok... I think the general shortage of suitable Fimir minis forces people towards novel solutions, though obviously my solution falls far short of your "sculpt your own" option!

      Looking forward to a gathering of all the clans one day...

  4. ALWAYS nice to see another clan of fimir emerge from the swamps.

    1. Great to hear from you Mr Saturday - your work has been a real inspiration. As I said to Fimm, it'll be great to see a gathering of the clans one day. Will be interesting to see how each army puts a different twist on the fimir.

    2. A gathering would be great. Love the backstory on the insane dirach, by the way.

    3. Thanks... although I should say his life story just got a whoooole lot more complicated following Sunday's battle. More to follow!