Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Year

2013 was a good year for getting into the Oldhammer scene, dusting off some old minis, painting some new (old) ones, etc. So in the first full year since I've come out of a wargaming coma, what can I hope to achieve? Seeing a flurry of posts about people's new years gaming resolutions, I thought I'd get in the party spirit while ambitions still run high:

1) Collect and paint a chaos warband for the next OGRE meeting

The plan for the next OGRE regional meetup is to have some Realms of Chaos games. I rolled up my warband a few weeks ago, and have been rummaging around for suitable minis, and ordering some off ebay to plug any gaps. I now have most of the minis I need (about 10 of the 14 there'll be in my warband) and work has started on the painting so I should be ready by the end of the month.

2) Paint all of the Heroes for Dungeonquest

I already have one painted (Serellia of Zimendell), and I'm working on another at the moment; so slowly but surely I'd like to paint all 12 of the Heroes for Dungeonquest.

3) Collect a force for Doctor Who: Invasion Earth, and take on Thantsants and his wonderful Doctor Who collection

Thantsants has a wonderful collection of Doctor Who minis - go on, take a look, it's a fantastic horde! After some drunken discussioning in Nottingham, I decided to collect some Doctor Who minis myself to take him on in a couple of games, maybe even a linked mini-campaign. In some ways this should have been a 2013 goal, as it really relates to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, but I suppose the 50th anniversary having taken place in November, the 50th anniversary year really runs 23 November 2013-22 November 2014? Well, regardless, Black Tree miniatures weren't super efficient in getting the minis to the right place at the right time, so this'll probably be something I work on heading towards the Easter vacation. More news to come when the lead arrives...

4) Make Clan Slea a force to be reckoned with

The recent battle reports from Blog-Con (here and here) showed off the verybeginnings of my Fimir clan - but there's a long way to go before it can really be called an army. So I have various plans for expansion. Without spoiling the surprise by going into too much detail, I'm thinking definitely 2 more units of rank and file on 25mm bases - and possibly a further unit mounted on 40mm bases which can include the larger scale Nick Bibby sculpts (if I can find and afford more of them) and forgeworld sculpts. I'm also thinking about various bells and whistles that would really round out this army, but I'll leave the revelation of plans for another time...

5) Fight Warlord Paul in a sequel to "Trouble at Nobridge"

This wonderful scenario at Blog-Con (in which the civilians of Nobridge defeated the Fimir menace) ended with a number of loose threads; a dirach in the body of a warlord; a unit of diseased wardancers, doomed never to return home; and worst of all, a Elven elementalist captured and left to the devices of the vile Clan Slea. So will there be a blockbuster all special effects sequel? You bet there will, just as soon as I've built up a bit more of the fimir force. As this will probably be an ambush of the Fimir settlement, I'll also want to think a bit more about what the settlement should look like and get some terrain pieces ready.

6) Collect more McDeath miniatures

I have been slowly but surely piecing together a set of McDeath miniatures. Sometimes original citadel; but I'm also interested in stand-ins both for reasons of keeping down the cost, as well as injecting a bit of interest to the collection. I hope to be a lot closer to completing this collection by the end of the year. I don't plan on starting work painting this collection, unless for some reason part of it would become a useful element in other plans - after all, you never know when you might need warriors in kilts.

7) Attend the Oldhammer weekend

My understanding is that this year's Oldhammer weekend will be at the Foundry in Nottingham on the 9th and 10th of August. Greatly enjoyed last years tomfoolery, so just need to hop on a train and get there again. Sounds simple, right? Well, in essence it is, as long as I'm in the country at the time! But as this is many months away, I don't yet have any clear plan as to what I'm going to play there (my initial plan of "whatever Padre is GMing" probably won't work as Padre is saying he can't make it that weekend... boooooo hisssssssss), so who knows what new plans and projects this will commit me to, throwing everything else into disarray!

Such are my plans. New let's see how the year goes... All the best to you and yours!


  1. I'm totally on board for number 5!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Great! And hopefully number 3 as well, will plan that further once I have my stuff from Black Tree.

  2. Looking forwards to seeing that warband! Happy New Year by the way!

    1. Rather a fun project, will post news of it as soon as I've made substantial progress. Not even managed to choose a patron yet, though!

  3. I have a little update I'm currently writing up regarding our little Dalek spat!

    If you want number 5 GM'ing again I'd be happy to oblige.

    1. Excellent, I look forward to that! And yes, I daresay a GM for the ambush on the Fimir settlement would be very helpful. We'll have to think about some logistics for these clashes closer to the time, like I say I'm up in Liverpool quite often so it's not too much hassle for me to head inland a bit towards Manchester or even into Yorkshire.