Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reinforcements for Clan Slea

From across the mire, the sound of doom. The moaning that haunted nightmares, nightmares of the mist that came out of the marsh and left devastation. Nightmares of slaughter, of wives and daughters stolen away. The godless wailing.

"They're playing those bloody bagpipes again..."

Finally finished painting up the wonderful Oakbound Games Marsh Demon Clubtails, sculpted by Fimm McCool - as these sculpts come unarmed, weapons are from Hasslefree miniatures (axes) and thebattleforge (clubs). Still working out what to do for basing (the gravel on the bases of the rest of my army was just an interim solution to get them to battle quickly), but other than that, ready to go. The skintone is the same as those I painted up for blog-con - a shade that my missus has described as "the colour of elastoplasts". These one eyed beauties(??) will allow me to bulk out Clan Slea with another unit of Fimm Warriors, and I especially love the command group with bagpiper, who I've given a nice tartan kilt. Alas, can't get the focus on it to give you a picture, so you'll have to take my word for it for now. In the meantime, here's a picture of the whole clan so far:

So what next? Well, I've got a big backlog of painting projects. Chaos warband needs to get done... I've finally got my delivery of daleks from Black Tree miniatures and there's loads of work to be getting on with there... But in addition to all of that I've been inspired by Whiskey Priest's Oldhammer Challenge and I at least want to make a start assembling the warband for that (using unpainted lead that I already own, as I'm on a purchasing moratorium for a little while!). So that'll be the subject of my next post, hopefully not too far in the future...


  1. Lovely job! I hope your kilt turned out ore successfully than mine. I started painting my guys with white and sepia plaid and only realised how much it looked like burberry after I'd done too many figures to think about repainting them all! So now I have a chav army.... Don't forget to stick your masterpieces on our forum alongside Mr Saturday's contribution. :)

    1. Kilt is based on my clan tartan, so I had a few examples of it around the house to copy! Was far more fiddly than anything I usually paint, but looks quite nice in my opinion, just can't get a picture.

      I'll get something onto that forum in due course... daunting to display my own efforts at slapping on the paint next to the skill of yourself and Mr Saturday, but it's probably just as well that people see these models are great fun for anybody to paint, you don't have to be a Premier League level artist!

    2. It was great but also unnerving to see Mr S grab the top spot there. Thought I'd quickly add my own efforts to bring the average paintjob level down! :D