Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Been a while since I updated the blog... to be honest, been in a bit of a hobby slump these past couple of months. It's not so much that I've lost interest, just that the energy expended in the run up to the Oldhammer weekend, and the excitement of the Bring Out Your Lead itself, meant that there was going to be an inevitable crash afterwards. Anyone else experience these post-BOYL blues? Added to which I'm very busy with work (and I'm lucky enough to do work that I love) and that's minimised any time or energy that I haveto get out the paints or get to games.

Part of the problem is that every time I had the urge to do some painting, all of the projects I've planned just seemed a bit overwhelming. So I decided I needed something a bit different, a manageable and interesting challenge to get me back in the game. I was considering doing something for Orctober, but I came a bit late to that. So what works for a November challenge..?


One of the most underrepresented of the oldhammer races, gnomes are full of character. Granted, the classic citadel minis can be a bit pricey on ebay, but many of us have a few kicking about, and there are alternatives out there that are worth looking for.

Seeing as I have 13 classic models already (12 citadel, 1 grenadier), I reckon I have a good number to start a small skirmish force/ allied contingent. There are always scenarios that need a few gnomes!

So over the next month, I have a few aims:

- Get some of these wonderfully quirky minis painted

- Explore the mythology of gnomes and get a sense of how they might feed into narrative games

- Get hold of some of the gnomes that are being produced by various companies today, and see whether or not they can fit alongside the old citadel models.

...and maybe even get a game in with them!

Anyone else want to join me in celebrating Gnomevember? Come on, is anybody's oldhammer collection truly complete without a bunch of these wee fellas?


  1. I have one gnome (well two of the same one actually) I ought to be able to get him painted.

    1. Good, he can join us in the oldhammer quest dungeon one day!

  2. I don't own any Gnomes but will try and look out for some.

    1. Any luck so far? I'm happy to pass on any spares, but not accumulated any duplicates so far!

  3. Hey, hey! Three Cheers from squeaky little voices! Gnomes salute you and sing your praises, mr.robotforady! And as a side note, Essex Gnomes are wonderful!

    1. Thank you squeaky little voices! Your moral support means a lot!

      And thanks doubly for the Essex minis gnome tip off, I do like the look of them