Friday, 15 May 2015

The Militant Tendency

Motion 1368, amendment B: With regards to the forthcoming elections on Beacon Island, this committee resolves to lobby the candidates for office with the intention of communicating the case for improved working conditions. To this end we resolve to send a delegation of labourers to set out our Union's position in as clear and direct a manner as possible.

Motion carried unanimously.

"Comrades, take hold of the tools of our labour. Carry aloft the pickaxe, the spade, the hammer. Today, let us strike a blow for the rights of all workers."


Up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and off to the Foundry for the latest adventure in mysterious Albion, ably GMed by Warlord Paul (our most recent trip to Albion being The Last Stand of Antonius De Blare). The background that Paul's provided us with this time is as follows:

Rival warlocks are fighting amongst themselves for dominion on Beacon Island. There is an election tomorrow and the only occupants of Beacon Island (the lighthouse keeper and his family) have to choose a new governor with their handful of votes. Whoever gets the job will be able to gain control of a local ‘Slann-gate’ situated on the island and use its power to rule all Albion, probably. All the candidates loathe each other and are seeking to assassinate each other as well as magically control the electorate. Under the Gate and nearby polling station is a monster-ridden dungeon, which may just turn out to be the safest path...

Standing for election (no incumbent, died in office) are: Lord Far Age the Mad Usurper; Lady Pike the Kingmaker; Lord McCameron the Bastard; Sir Edward Hatband the Betrayer; Nicholas Haystack the Disappointer.

Use your vote responsibly, or die trying!

Hmm, it's almost as though there's a political subtext to this campaign, isn't it?

I'm taking the opportunity to start work on a new unit for McDeath: Arka Zargul and his miners at Dungal Hill. In the McDeath campaign pack, there Arka Zargul is accompanied by 9 miners. So I'm about half way there - still need to collect more.

Three of the sculpts are by the Perrys; Arka himself (from the Norse Range) 2 of the Dwarf Engineers sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry. I've chosen to paint one of them up as carrying a bunch of sticks of dynamite (counts as grenades?). In fact, this sculpt says "Candlemaker" on his tab, so I presume what he's actually carrying are a pile of candles; however the 1991 catalogue lists him as "Dynamite", so I think this interpretation is fair game!

Of the other two sculpts, one is a Kev Adams Heartbreaker Dwarf Miner, now availble from Ral Partha Europe; and the other ("Comrade Digger") is a converted Marauder Troll Slayer, sculpted by Aly and Trish Morrison. I actually got this in an already-converted state from a certain notorious ebay seller, after he accepted a low-ball "best offer".

So who will they be supporting on Beacon Island? Well, their Union has already been pivotal in ensuring that Sir Edward Hatband saw off the rival claims of his brother to win the candidacy; but whether they'll continue to see him as the best candidate to represent the interests of the workers in the long run is anybody's guess...


  1. these are brilliant minis - I've got a few but they haven't been high on my painting list. indeed my WFB 3 ed dwarf army is sitting unpainted and packed away - I will get to them one day (hopefully before I turn 45)

    1. Love them - but still need to find another 5 miners to round out the unit.