Thursday, 15 October 2015

Night of the Living Lead: Gnomophobia

Deep in the mines at the dead of night, a grinding sound. But the sound of the rock being hewn is not the work of the miners. None of the gnomes of the village of Thingwall have been down the mine in days. Nobody would dare, not since several of the miners went missing. Some were found days later with their throats slit and their blood spilled on the floor in the shape of a pentagram. Others have simply disappeared.

YOU are an adventurer, called upon by the Duchess of Thingwall to help the little people in their hour of need. YOU and your band of companions have been asked to investigate. Who or what has caused the disappearance of the miners? Who or what is producing the strange grinding sound in the night?

Beware. Not all is as it seems in the village. Who can be trusted? More importantly, what's in it for you? And how can you be sure that the other would-be 'investigators' aren't involved in the murders and disappearances themselves?

Chapter Three of The Albion Adventures, Warlord Paul presents (in association with me, guest GMing) GNOMOPHOBIA, a special halloween night of the living dead adventure. Except it won't be at night. It'll start at 10 in the morning. Probably with tea and pastries.

So this'll be an adventure for small bands of warriors (3-5 models) using the Warhammer 3rd edition rules, at the Wargames Foundry (Bryan Ansell's gaff in East Stoke between Nottingham and Newark) on Saturday 31st October. It's a return to the Gnomish village of Thingwall (last seen in A Dwarf With No Beer), with a Halloween twist. If you fancy a game, why not get in touch via the oldhammer community forum or facebook page or the comments of this blog post, and join us?

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