Sunday, 6 December 2015

Late Gnomevember: Steam Cannon

Chuff chuff chuffety chuff
chuff chuff chuffety chuff
chuff chuff chfftety chuff

I had a little project set aside for Gnomevember, but as per usual I only get things done when I've got a game coming up. Today I had a game planned at Cambridge City Games Club (where they do a Sunday all-day gaming session every now and again), and prepared the gnomes for battle... and chugging into battle alongside them was this lovely Steam Cannon. Pictured here in front of my son's fold-out castle (at his insistence). A lovely 1984 Ral Partha model, sculpted by Tom Meier I believe and distributed by Citadel in the UK.

I bought the cannon a few months ago, in pieces but already quite nicely painted - so I took stock of what I thought needed new paint and what was better off as is, shoved some of the parts in the dettol for repainting and for the rest, simply decided to refresh them before reassembling. All in all, a really fun model and the perfect addition to any gnome army. Sadly, I only have a crappy camera so I can't give you any decent detail shots, in fact the ones in this blog post are the only ones I could do that weren't completely blurry! Anyway, I just wanted to show off my new toy, really...

Here it is alongside the rest of my merry (and growing) band of gnomes.

Will post up a battle report of today's action in due course. (Hopefully with some photos taken on a better camera!)


  1. Very nice! That's a great old model!

    1. Thanks! Was pleased to get it, pleased to get it ready for battle, and even pleaseder (if that's a word) to actually use it in a game earlier today. I have to say, Tom Meier is one of my favourite sculptors and I have a few more of his creations in my collection. They will get their day in the sun soon...

  2. Cracking old model...happily soon to be re-released by Iron Wind/Ral Partha!! Much better than the Citadel one that came out at about the same time. The fold at castle looks very good. There is something (positive) to be said about 2d terrain pieces.

    1. Great news about the re-release, I know some gnome enthusiasts who will be very pleased. I know a lot of the Tom Meier dragons are available via Ral Partha Europe, which is a real godsend.

      The castle is "The Complete Castle" by Nick Denchfield and Steve Cox, and it is indeed a nice fold out castle. Not sturdy enough to carry metal miniatures on its battlements I daresay (plastic not so bad), but my son and I have used the floormat that the castle rests on for oldhammer games.