Sunday, 19 June 2016

Update: Roman auxiliary style Halfling slingers now cast

Great news from Andy Atom Taylor: the halfling slingers he's sculpted for me in the style of Roman auxiliaries (as discussed in my last post) have now been cast up and will shortly be on their way to me.

As you can see, Andy's been kind enough to throw in a couple of other lovely halfling models: some copies of a young halfling lad with a sling, that'll obviously go nicely with the roman-style slingers he's sculpted and a "grumpy housekeeper halfling" sculpt.

Very excited. Snickit suggests I should dub them "Half-flings" or "Half-slings". I daresay these (and the Roman-style dwarves) will be my painting project for July. It'd be rude to let such good work fester in the leadpile.


  1. Or such a good name go to pot............................

    They look great, I look forward to seeing the first batch painted up.

    1. Me too... from experience of painting a couple of Andy's gnomes, I think they're going to be great fun to paint. It's more the dwarf legionaries I'm worried about - all that red! Hate painting red.

    2. Are you willing to take a leap of faith? If so, try Army Painter Spray Dragon Red (or Pure Red but I'd be more inclined towards Dragon Red)

    3. Hey, I'll give it a shot. I can try it out on a few and see how it goes.

    4. (and having seen a few pictures comparing pure red and dragon red, I'm inclined to say you're right in your inclination)

    5. I tend to find with all of the sprays the pot isn't quite the same as the spray but it's pretty darn close so clean ups are easy if you get a little heavy handed with flesh, armour etc.............