Friday, 9 September 2016

Militant Tendency Entryists at Orc's Drift!

"Dig for victory!" - Dwarvish wartime propaganda campaign

Followers of the blog may recall I made a start painting up figures for McDeath with Arka Zargul and 4 miners - and promptly sent the trade union militants off to battle in one of Warlord Paul's skirmishes. Well I'm now up to 9 out of the 10 figures needed for that particular band of workers. I just need one more - I'm hoping to find one or other of these to complete the unit:

Perhaps ironically, they'll be getting an outing tomorrow not in McDeath, but in a somewhat streamlined version of Blood Bath at Orc's Drift that Warlord Paul will be running tomorrow with The M1 Marauders, where they'll be doing double duty as The Engineers of Osrim Chardz/ The Dwarfs of Ashak Rise. In fact, we'll mostly be using Thantsants' amazing collection of Orc's Drift miniatures, and he's such a bloody good painter I always feel a bit shamefaced lining up my own efforts next to his. But I do like to play with my own little fellas and I needed the encouragment to work on some painting after missing out on BOYL. The engineers are accompanied by a couple of dwarves armed with Crossbows, borrowed from my Chaos warband, and a wounded fella (or is he just drunk?)
. Oh, and a donkey. As you can see, I have the models used for Borinn and Snorinn Fimbul, but not the scenario-exclusive model for Osrim Chardz, so we'll use Thantsants model for King Gorrin from the Dwarf Lords of Legend box, as he's practically in the same pose. (Full disclosure - I have King Gorrin myself, but made such a balls up of painting him, he's back in the dettol.)

The version of the campaign we'll be playing tomorrow will be with a smaller number of figures and using the mordheim rules to get through it in one day. All the same, having never played Orc's Drift in any way, shape, or form, I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. Great collection of classic dwarfs! Only bad thing about BBAOD is that it seems unbalanced to me. Math usually dictates that the Orcs win. Even accounting for that, its an awesome campaign. The battles are fun, there are lots of colorful characters, and the playing aids help everything run pretty smoothly. Best of all, in your case, you get to play the campaign with Thantsants' mouthwatering mini collection! I'd give a couple of teeth for a chance at that! You should have a blast. May the dice be with you tomorrow.

    1. In fact, the Grand Alliance won! Hurrah! Although it looked very bleak for a while during the final battle.

      I have to say, I've developed quite a fondness for my survivors, Borinn and Snorinn Fimbul (not to mention their donkey...)

    2. Good! Glad to hear the good guys finally won one!

  2. Hehe - you're too kind Mr Mouse!

    Really fun game today and your Dwarves looked great on the table mate!