Sunday, 1 April 2018

Spring, the season of rebirth

It's been a while. Been on a few adventures...

Here's me and the lad exploring Allansia back in the summer.

Managed to get to BOYL 2017, first I've been to in a couple of years.

However, since then haven't had much chance to play or paint. Gamebooks with my son has been the limit of things. We've moved to the far reaches of the north - to one of the outer isles of Orkney - not many gaming opportunities, and I've had a lot of work on my plate anyway.

But spring is in the air. A time of new life for old lead. Hopefully. So watch this space..

Happy Easter!


  1. No had as much upheaval as you, but spring as certainly increased my interest in slapping some paint on lead and pushing lead across a tabletop.
    Hope to see you at Salute?

    1. Very good! Look forward to seeing what you're working on next. Yes, still figuring out a plan but looking good for getting to Salute

    2. have started to clear my painting spot in preparation for BOYL, but can't seem to stick with anything to get it finished, hence, the lack of posts! See you there.