Friday, 13 April 2018

The Circus of Corruption

The Old School Miniatures Company were kind enough to send me a couple of resin masters from the Circus of Corruption kickstarter. This is a fantastic collection of miniatures sculpted by Jason Fairclough. The kickstarter finishes TOMORROW (14th April 2018) so why not head over, take a look, and throw in a few quid?
These sculpts are wonderfully disgusting. If you like painting decay and putrefaction, you'll have great fun with these. I certainly did. When I took them on, I'd hoped that I'd have access to a proper camera, but then I had to flee to the northern isles once again and had to make do with my own meagre equipment. Mediocre painting skills plus inadequate camera = not the best exhibition of the potential of these models. But you'll have to take my word for it, these are a real treat. A disturbing, pungent treat.

This fella is actually quite cute, with his pet fish slung over his shoulder and such. Would make a lovely chaotic familiar/bloated nurgling.

This lad seems to have developed a nasty sports hernia. Could do with some medical treatment. His flesh is sagging like a melted candle, and it's a real challenge to try and do justice to the layers of decaying skin, fat and musculature. So instead I just gave him spotty boxer shorts.

Thanks to Jamie Loft for sending these along and giving me a chance to paint and review them. They'll go beautifully with my Nurgle warband the children of stench. Anybody who is in the market for nurgle figures for a warband, or is looking for a Carnival of Chaos for Mordheim, or simply wants a creepy circus troupe for a scenario, head to the kickstarter while there's still time!

(n.b. these are the first 2 minis I've painted this year. The first 2 minis I've painted since BOYL, in fact. Painting slump over!)


  1. I particularly like the strongmans pants! Classy!

    1. If you can't keep a bit of style while selling your soul to a god of pustulence and decay, then really what's the point?