Friday, 13 April 2018

The Circus of Corruption

The Old School Miniatures Company were kind enough to send me a couple of resin masters from the Circus of Corruption kickstarter. This is a fantastic collection of miniatures sculpted by Jason Fairclough. The kickstarter finishes TOMORROW (14th April 2018) so why not head over, take a look, and throw in a few quid?
These sculpts are wonderfully disgusting. If you like painting decay and putrefaction, you'll have great fun with these. I certainly did. When I took them on, I'd hoped that I'd have access to a proper camera, but then I had to flee to the northern isles once again and had to make do with my own meagre equipment. Mediocre painting skills plus inadequate camera = not the best exhibition of the potential of these models. But you'll have to take my word for it, these are a real treat. A disturbing, pungent treat.

This fella is actually quite cute, with his pet fish slung over his shoulder and such. Would make a lovely chaotic familiar/bloated nurgling.

This lad seems to have developed a nasty sports hernia. Could do with some medical treatment. His flesh is sagging like a melted candle, and it's a real challenge to try and do justice to the layers of decaying skin, fat and musculature. So instead I just gave him spotty boxer shorts.

Thanks to Jamie Loft for sending these along and giving me a chance to paint and review them. They'll go beautifully with my Nurgle warband the children of stench. Anybody who is in the market for nurgle figures for a warband, or is looking for a Carnival of Chaos for Mordheim, or simply wants a creepy circus troupe for a scenario, head to the kickstarter while there's still time!

(n.b. these are the first 2 minis I've painted this year. The first 2 minis I've painted since BOYL, in fact. Painting slump over!)

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Spring, the season of rebirth

It's been a while. Been on a few adventures...

Here's me and the lad exploring Allansia back in the summer.

Managed to get to BOYL 2017, first I've been to in a couple of years.

However, since then haven't had much chance to play or paint. Gamebooks with my son has been the limit of things. We've moved to the far reaches of the north - to one of the outer isles of Orkney - not many gaming opportunities, and I've had a lot of work on my plate anyway.

But spring is in the air. A time of new life for old lead. Hopefully. So watch this space..

Happy Easter!