Sunday, 5 July 2020


Quick post today. Been making progress on the Dolgan Raiders, but I don't want to post that project up until it takes shape a bit more. Sadly, Bring Out Your Lead is postponed until October, but at least it gives me a chance to do them justice ahead of the game with Thantsants.

In the meantime, in our household we've been playing Heroquest (more of which soon!), and after some unsteady progress (more of that soon too!) we got to the Lair of the Orc Warlord Quest. So I dug through the leadpile and pulled out this fella to serve as Ulag - an orc from Gremlin Miniatures, circa 1986. (I figured that if he's rolling 5 dice to defend, it made sense that he'd be pretty heavily armoured!) I think I got this from Steve Casey years ago. If I recall correctly, he gave it to me for free because he just didn't like the mini. Cheers Steve! Anyway, I painted him up yesterday for our family evening of Heroquest and have subsequently based him for battle.

Not a particularly distinguished paintjob, but I wanted to put it up here for 3 reasons.

1) Don't see many painted minis from Gremlin Miniatures in the wild, do you?

2) I cut off the plain shield the miniature came with and used a gorgeous SHIELDAID shield from OS minis' campaign to raise funds for Sarcoidosis UK. Go SHIELDAID!

3) After looking at it for a couple of seconds, my wife said, "you do realise you've painted Boris Johnson's head on a spike, don't you". Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, that was not my intention!